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[2019년 1학기 신임교수 인터뷰] 영어교육과 John Harrison 교수님John Harrison 교수님을 인터뷰하다!



 2019년 3월 20일 수요일, 춘천교육대학교에 새로 오신 교수님, John을 인터뷰하기 위해 사무실을 방문하였다. 교수님은 반갑게 맞아주셨고 인터뷰 하는 내내 즐거운 분위기를 만들어주셨다. 이번 학기에 교수님의 강의가 첫 개설된 이유로, 교수님의 수업을 들은 학생들이 아직 많지 않다. 따라서 춘천교육대학교의 많은 학생들이 John Harrison 교수님에 대해 궁금해 할 것이다. 아래의 인터뷰 녹취록을 통해 교수님의 상세한 정보를 알 수 있으므로 참고하면 도움이 될 것이다.

(교수님의 허락 하에 녹음 진행)


Q1. Can you give me your brief introduction?

A1. My name is John Harrison and I’ve just started working here. Beforehand, I worked at Chuncheon Shamyook elementary school.


Q2. Where are you from? And why did you come to this college?

A2. I’m from America. I can’t remember my hometown because I was so young. Then, I lived in California and Washington state nearby Seattle.

And why did I come here? I’ve been at Shamyook (elementary school) for 4 years. And the opportunity presented. It isn’t a normal situation, it’s rare. It was stimulating and exciting to come here. Also, this environment gives me lots of time to think.


Q3. How long have you lived in Chuncheon?

A3. I’ve lived here for 5 years from 2015. Before I lived in Gangneung and Yangyang. And I really like Chuncheon.


Q4. How different between elementary school students and college students?

A4. College students are much bigger so I don’t have to look down. (haha) And university students are more quiet as well. Also their hand writing is much better. It’s good! I’m really satisfied with this environment.


Q5. What’s your philosophy of Education?

A5. My philosophy of Education is that it is important for students to keep thinking out themselves and problem- solving. These days, we cannot be as same as computers. But we need to be better than the computer. So students must think about things differently to try another perspective for holistic pictures of things.


Q6. What do you teach mostly?

A6. This semester, I’m teaching the ‘Discussion&International Communication’ class. That is, English Practice 1 focusing on pronunciation and English practice 2 focusing on songs, games and storytelling as well as ‘teaching writing to children’ class. Also I teach Interview preparation class.


Q7. Can you give us some advice to become an elementary school teacher?

A7. Have passion in it. If you don’t care, why should anyone else care? Have passion. As we know, it becomes difficult to be an elementary school teacher so you have to be better than what you think you are. To be more skilled, you must have real passion. If you have lots of skills, it will help you to become what you want to.


John Harrison 교수님은 진지한 모습으로 인터뷰해주셨고 학생들에 대한 애정과 교수에 대한 열정이 가득 차 보이셨다. 이렇게 열정적이고 학생들에 대한 사랑이 넘치시는 교수님의 수업을 들을 기회가 얼른 오면 좋겠다는 생각을 하게 되었다.

유환희  amy9717@naver.com

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